Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

Thats Obvious, We are your pest control experts.

The professionals at Bug Burster International know that your number one priority is to rid your facility, business, or home of unwanted pests. We share in that passion.

But we understand the need to balance that priority with environmental friendliness, in order to protect your family from the adverse health risks associated with toxic products often used to effectively provide pest management solutions.

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    We customize a treatment plan to your specific pest challenge after inspecting your home or business to identify the offending pests, what’s attracting them to your home, and their point of entry.

    When we need to use pest control products, we use botanical and low-risk products to reduce the risk of adverse reactions for you and the environment. The good news about the products we use is that they’re safe and effective, so you can feel confident that they will resolve your pest problem while leaving you unharmed.

    Best of all, our highly trained technicians are our most valuable resource to deliver excellent service to our customers. We become completely familiar with our customers’ environment and specific requirements, and cultivate lasting business relationships built on our strengths and values

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